14-12-2011 — Park Show - The first step

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Thoughts from our managing editor at the conclusion to Park Show, organised by our publishing company 
in Rimini at the end of November 
The first step
After a break lasting several years, last month Park Show returned, held from 27 to 29 November at the Rimini exhibition centre, together with SiaGuest, the leading European exhibition in the hospitality business (hotels, resorts, camping centres large accommodation facilities). 
We can’t deny that the return of Park Show was difficult and encountered many obstacles. Despite the low cost policy and the need for suppliers to sell, including in new markets (and one of these, we’re convinced, is the hospitality business), not all Italian companies recognised the value of our initiative.
At the end of the day, there were some 1,000 visitors from around 15 countries, with around 40 exhibitors, in addition the entrants in the two side events, ‘Collections on Show’ and ‘1st International Vintage Rides Competition’, who had also their interesting products on display, even if they were not for sale (see the article on p. 52). 
As regards the events, the trade show included a series of meetings on topics such as trends in adventure golf and waterparks, ticketing strategies at parks, and shared projects between amusement parks and museums, involving around 15 leading speakers such as Dennis Speigel from ITPS, former IAAPA president, Oliver Mahoney from M.A.G. Ltd, Eric Pastoor from Pricetag, Luciano Pareschi from Aqualandia and Fabio Carniello from the Trieste Science Centre.
What considerations can we draw from Park Show 2011? We don’t wish to hide our heads in the sand, and so as organisers of the event we have to admit that the synergies deriving from the combination with SiaGuest didn’t pay off this year, both in terms of visitors and exhibitors. The stands displayed many compact and action attractions (for example, playgrounds and inflatables), proposals that respond to the special needs of hotels, resorts and other similar new leisure operators who are increasingly looking to the entertainment industry for opportunities that complement their own core business. 
So, we can say that what we saw this year can be considered the start of new development, which we will immediately start working on. It’s our intention to develop new proposals and projects that express and communicate more incisively than this year the idea of our event dedicated to ‘made in Italy’ and the idea behind its combination with SiaGuest. Initiatives that will offer direct demonstration of this mix between entertainment and hospitality industries that represents the trend captured by Park Show.
As for the exhibitors who believed in us and in most cases expressed positive opinions about the future of the event, in thanking them for their support we want stress that we are committed to overcoming the wariness encountered until now and developing the event in a constructive way, for the benefit of everyone.