06-12-2011 — Golden Pony¬© Awards 2011

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The Golden Pony® Awards 2011 gave much-deserved international recognition for excellence to 18 companies operating in the leisure sector
The 9th Golden Pony® Awards in Rimini 
The ninth Golden Pony Awards evening was successfully held in Rimini, last November 28. The well-known international prize was created by Facto Edizioni in 2002 to give tangible recognition to excellence of operators in the leisure sector. 
A side event to Park Show, the traditional gala evening organised in honour of the winners this year was held at the Hotel Continental e dei Congressi, where all the nominees were staying. 
As stated by the patron of the event, Mr Tosetto, managing editor of Games & Parks Industry magazine and promoter of the awards, “as usual, the winners, 18 in total, came mainly from abroad, with 11 countries represented, including overseas countries such as the USA and Saudi Arabia.” 
Big names, well known internationally in every segment of the leisure business, such as Dennis Speigel, International Theme Park Services, or likewise known in their own specific category, such as Tony Andreasson from Axels Nöjesfält, who with his 100 rides travels all over Scandinavia, came to the stage to receive the prestigious statue reproducing a golden pony. Thanks to a careful selection criterion applied by the organisers, there were also names that are less universally known but equally worthy of recognition, due to the value of their products or their proposals for the business as a whole or for their country. 
Winners included CityDynamiek Eindhoven, a company that entered the ‘travelling’ show and funfair business around 10 years ago for the organisation of the Park Hilaria funfair and all other events in Eindhoven, and Pircher, a company that’s well known to manufacturers of roller coasters for its niche product: wheels. Without forgetting another name that’s becoming popular in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia ansd Lebanon – for the quality and innovation of its proposals, the Adventure World chain of theme parks for children created as anchors to Farm shopping centers. 
A new element this year was a special category of winners, Sports-Oriented Leisure Facilities, introduced to include a growing trend in the sector that sees sporting-interactive attractions becoming increasingly preferred by users for their spare time.