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Great expectations for the second annual Golden Pony® Awards in the land of Russia, March 21 as a side event to the RAAPA Expo 2012 in Moscow
Golden Pony back to Moscow
The date of the second annual Golden Pony Awards© in the land of Russia, is approaching. The event will be hosted once again by the RAAPA expo next March 21st. Established in 2002 by Facto Edizioni, publishers of this magazine, this award in previous editions, ie in a decade now, has recognized the excellence of 240 international operators of amusement (amusement parks, travelling shows, family entertainment centers, manufacturers and leading figures in the industry) coming from all over the world with the handover of a pony-shaped statuette and a certificate. To quote some of the locations that were part of our list of 44 countries represented in the event, the most far away countries are Brazil, to the West, Finland in the North and Singapore and Malaysia to the East/South. But only since last year the Golden Pony AwardsÆ event has moved from its original site, Italy, to meet with the operators of the growing markets and offer them greater visibility. Last year’s Russia-CIS Golden Pony AwardÆ was our first international event held outside Italy. A stage that was due, firstly because Russia is a huge market and continues to rise, secondly because it is a market with its own characteristics in the field of leisure, and then because it has developed itself peaks of excellence that absolutely must be rewarded.
The winners of the first Russian Golden Pony© in 2011 were 9, but, even previously, numerous other leisure companies from this part of the world had received the statuette award for excellence. 
The winners from the CIS countries include, for example in the category ‘parks’, a number of municipal facilities, some of which with autonomous management, like the parks of Surgut, Izmailovsky park in Moscow, Yaroslavl park, Gorky Park in Krasnodar, Victory Park in Stavropol, and others. All of them were rewarded especially for their social and cultural commitment towards the local population, evident in their rich choices of entertainment offers - shows of all kinds, natural  landscapes and rides. And theirs is a park model which is quite typical of Russia and that has no parallel in other countries. But among previous recipients there were also entertainment facilities featuring a definite western imprint. They privilege mechanical rides – and obviously the latest releases in the market – and are mostly based on a more international design concept, which gives top priority to theming. These parks include Divo Ostrov, St Petersburg, or Treasure Island, Krasnoyarsk. 
And then there are a variety of family entertainment centers that are in fact real indoor parks. These are today perhaps the flagship of the Russian offer in terms of entertainment, as from being a niche product have now entered a wider market (see recipients followed by the acronym FEC in the list aside).
A separate discussion is instead to be made for waterparks, a genre that is enjoying great popularity in Russia and that has at the moment only one representative among the past Award recipients: Kazanskaya Riviera Complex, an entertainment complex that includes hotel, congress center, bowling center, ice skating rink, nightclub and other leisure facilitites and has nothing to envy to major international waterparks.
The names of the next recipients of the Golden Pony© are still secret. We’ll let you know next month. And we assure you that the shortlist of candidates is really exceptional.

Recipients of the Golden Pony® Awards from the CIS Countries
Victory Park, Stavropol, Russia (2002)
Gorky Park, Krasnodar, Russia (2003)
Valentyna Kechina, President, Ukrainian Operators Union - Ukraine (2003)
Crokodile Show in Evpatoria Arboretum Park - Ukraine (2003)
Divo Ostrov, St Petersburg, Russia (2005)
Fantasy Park, FEC, Moscow, Russia (2005)
Aleksander Samedov, Moscow, Russia (2006)
Dino Park, FEC, St Petersburg, Russia (2006)
Treasure Island, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (2007)
Riviera Park, Sochi, Russia (2007)
Boris Rabinovich, Moscow, Russia (2007)
Pax Company, Moscow, Russia (2010)
Russia Exhibition of Attractions, Moscow, Russia (2010)
Happylon Center, FEC, Fjlion Mall, Moscow, Russia (2011)
Surgut Municipal Autonomous Park, Russia (2011)
Municipal Parks of Sochi, Russia (2011)
Yaroslavl Park of Culture, Russia (2011)
Izmailovsky Park, Moscow, Russia (2011)
AV Park- Mytishi, Russia (2011)
Boom & Berry FEC, Ryazan, Russia (2011)
Kazanskaya Riviera Entertainment Complex, Kazan, Russia (2011)
KCC Entertainment Design, Belgium (2011)
Italpark, Moscow, Russia (2011)