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Our next trip: Newcastle - The Hoppings, June 22-23

The ‘Golden Pony Awards Organizing Team’ goes on tour to the major European Funfairs


For the assignment of the next Golden Pony Awards®, for the first time this year the Golden Pony Awards Team' of the magazine Games & Parks Industry, will review the largest fairgrounds in the world, to meet the participating showmen and involve them personally in the selection of the candidates for their country.

This new formula, which gets closer to the 'heart' of the industry, and is also more democratic, although more challenging for the organizers, seeks to bring out personalities that may be less in the limelight but nevertheless have made the history of the funfair.


The next appointment is in Newcastle - The Hoppings

June 22-23, 2012

We’ll welcome you, hopefully lots of you, with a drink


We need the cooperation of all showmen to participate personally in the selection of candidates of their country deserving an international recognition.

So, please fill out the form you find below at the box 'MY CANDIDATE', writing your choice and the details required. All your candidates will be evaluated by the jury of the Prize