For operators of already established entertainment structures, and for those who want to undertake an enterprise in the sector by opening a park or entertainment centre, we provide a consulting service specifically regarding the management and the related activities: promotion and marketing, staff, maintenance, safety, operational control, guest service, ticketing, atc. Our credits in this regard include:
  1. Twenty years of daily visiting at parks, fun fairs and entertainment centres around the entire world;
  2. Our in depth and direct knowledge of the specific industry, the products, the companies and the market;
  3. The various research projects undertaken by our magazine on specific subjects relating to the management of amusement structures;
  4. Our constant commitment to the development of useful debate between experts in the sector, academics and the managers of the various entertainment structures at the numerous meetings we have organised on management issues;
  5.  Above all our direct experience in the management of an entertainment centre, which we designed and developed directly.

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