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The 1980s: the concept of theme park began spreading throughout Europe.
Facto Edizioni, with the launch of the magazine Games & Parks Industry in 1984, was the first publisher in Italy and indeed one of the first in Europe to provide the specialist information for the emerging leisure industry and the operators who were  then approaching this new world for the first time.
Facto then started promoting various initiatives, with the aim of increasing the level of professionalism in the industry.
In 1987 it organised Park Show, the first Italian trade fair for amusement park and fun fair equipment. The exhibition also included a broad program of events, including the first international competition for designs of leisure-theme parks, and the conference on Leisure-theme parks: strategies for development in Italy and abroad, the first European forum to focus on the state-of-the-art in the leisure industry.
Year after year, its contacts and international experience - participation at trade fairs and conferences, visit to amusement parks and fun fairs around the world, cooperation with associations and companies - have made Facto Edizioni a point of reference and an authoritative source of ideas for the amusement park and travelling fun fair industry.
Following the developments and trends in the industry at a world level, Facto Edizioni has over the years further widened its field of action.
In the early 1990s it founded the magazine Play Machine Europe, covering issues relating to games arcades and the coin-op amusement games industry, while its catalogue of books includes many specific titles on these issues, as well as the first  European guide to the manufacturers of attractions and coin-op games, EGA, still the only reference book of its kind, published annually.
Today, Facto Edizioni is an established and multifaceted company that applies its know-how to the leisure industry at various levels.
As well as continuing its mission as a source of information and organiser of trade fairs and conferences it also acts as a consultant in the planning and management of amusement complexes, a field in which it also has direct experience, through the  establishment of Levicoland adventure golf and bowling center course in Levico  Terme, near Trento in northern Italy.
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