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Ten extraordinary amusement facilities in the CIS countries selected by the jury of Games & Parks Industry have been awarded with the Golden Pony® statuette on March 12 last in front of a large audience of members
of the international leisure sector


The 13th international award for excellence Golden Pony® 2014 was held in Moscow last March in the beautiful ballroom of Cosmos Hotel in front of an audience of approximately 300 people including producers of rides and services, amusement parks, members of associations and media representatives.
Jointly organized by our publishing house Facto Edizioni and the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Raapa, the event, which was part of the Raapa welcome reception for the exhibitors of the 16th Raapa Expo, was followed with enthusiasm. Also because the ceremony of the Golden Pony® was ‘seasoned ‘ with great food, entertainment, dancing and party games, in the best Russian tradition.
The ten winners of this edition, carefully selected by the staff of Games & Parks Industry magazine, as it was pointed out by the director Danilo Tosetto in his introductory speech, included various types of recreational facilities: indoor and outdoor parks, family entertainment centers, water parks and suppliers of attractions.
Among the outdoor parks there were some city parks which, following the great Soviet tradition of Parks of Leisure and Culture for the people, have stood out by enriching their entertainment offer for citizens with the organization of hundreds of events, and the provision of high standard equipment and services. We can quote City Park Almetyevsk NPO, born on the initiative of a major oil company in the region and managed by a non-profit company, and the Municipal Parks Naberezhnye Chelny as both examples of parks that, thanks to their close ties with the city administration, have become seedbeds of cultural revival for their host town.
Other outdoor city parks, managed by independent companies, such as Gorodskoy Sad, Tomsk, Park Na Semyonovskom Oziere of Murmansk and the Park of Culture and Leisure in Tyumen obtained the Golden Pony® because they attempted to develop new concepts, either with the introduction of theming elements, or with the offer of large mechanical attractions to get great results in attendance and profit.
Another group of winners were indoor leisure facilities developed by private investors. Among these there was H2O park, of Rostov-on-Don, a waterpark of the highest level in all its aspects from equipment to services and proposals, as well as the indoor FEC Megafun, sited in Baku, Azerbaijan, another example of excellence for its design, and mix of attractions.
Other recipients of the Golden Pony®, still in the indoor leisure market, were the chain of FEC Cosmik, protagonist of a quantum leap last year with the creation of its flagship, the center of excellence Europeysky in Moscow; and the Tachki Children Entertainment Center of Makhachkala, Dagestan, which is one of the few centers of excellence designed for children under the age of 12.
A Golden Pony® was finally delivered to a supplier company - Carrousel - on the market for 20 years, which has installed international standard leisure equipment in more than 50 cities of Russia and the CIS and operates a number of amusement parks in Moscow.