A good start

A good start

25 January 2019 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ by Aldo Avancini /

Atypical New Year’s wishes from Aldo Avancini, using irony to force us to reflect.

Ing. Aldo Avancini / Proposta Srl

A New Year has begun, bringing with it the memories and regrets of the past year, but also offering many positive ideas, many expectations, and above all many possibilities for great personal and professional satisfaction. 

And so, as is traditional, we start the year by sending our best wishes: best wishes to everyone in general, but more heartfelt to some of you.

BEST WISHES to the maintenance technician, who preparing to climb on some scaffolding, on observing its stability, came up with a brilliant definition of ‘centre of gravity’, calling it “something for engineers.” During the fall, the scaffolding did not suffer any noticeable damage, nor did the component that was being installed; the technician came away with some bruises, but nothing serious!

BEST WISHES to the maintenance technician (or so he called himself) who having to unscrew a 16mm Allen screw (pardon, hex screw), tried the operation with a smaller Allen key, inserting 2 screwdrivers. Result: screw, key and screwdrivers intact, peeling on the technician’s hand that healed in a week.

BEST WISHES to the supervisor of the aforementioned technician, who used a larger key, grinding the end; and to the observation that in this way, without considering the effect of heat on the key, inclined surfaces are created with the reasonable presumption of a perpendicular force on the screw, proceeded undeterred. Until the next hammering, when the screw, hammer and key remained intact, while he, wounded, took a ride to the emergency room.

BEST WISHES to the welder who arrived with the electrodes in the back pocket of his pants, and as these caused an obstacle to his movement, stuck them in the ground; to the observation that there are special ovens to keep them dry, he claimed with certainty that 2 blasts are enough to obtain the same result.

BEST WISHES to the inspector who approved the qualification of the aforementioned supervisor.

BEST WISHES to the electrician, who having to lengthen a cable and having available ordinary home sockets and plugs, decided to wrap the 2 extensions in a supermarket bag! To the observation that if hanging, no rain would get in, he claimed with certainty that “it doesn’t rain much”!. This type of insulation, today indicated as IP BB, where BB stands for ‘biodegradable bag’, is currently being studied for appropriate regulatory compliance! 

BEST WISHES to the school highlighting a course that offers training on a “biomedical-health curve”, hoping that soon there will be a school that offers training on a “straight line to learn a profession.”

But above all, BEST WISHES to this sector, which offers so much fun to families, kids and even adults, and asks so much from us, those who work in it. But let’s be sincere… how rewarding and satisfying is it to see the smiles of those who climb off an attraction?!

Taken from Games&Parks Industry January 2019, page 76

Ing. Aldo Avancini /  Proposta Srl / proposta_design@yahoo.it