A fun, wet challenge

A fun, wet challenge

27 November 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ SBF-VISA Group has internationally released its new interactive water ride: Twist’n Shot /

The SBF-VISA Group catalogue is one of the most complete in the world, comprising over 570 products: rides of all types, sizes and styles and for all budgets. A virtually limitless universe built over more than 60 years by the Padova group, which however until now was lacking one type of attraction: the interactive water ride, that is, those ‘wet’ family rides first introduced onto the market 10-15 years ago that are exciting and fun for both the users and the public watching. Riders sit in groups inside boats or rafts equipped with water cannons, and shoot at moving or fixed targets along a circuit or more frequently at other riders, and often having to defend themselves against sprays shot by those watching on shore, off the ride, from ‘armed’ stations.

“Whether for fixed parks or fun fairs, technically the mechanical-water attractions in general – for example flume rides – are never easy to make, as they have specific…

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