A space dedicated to the passion and innovation of Porsche

A space dedicated to the passion and innovation of Porsche

20 March 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Porsche is converting the Franciacorta racetrack near Brescia into an Experience Centre, the eighth in the world and the largest of all. We look at what it will be like when finished /

2019 was an exciting year for Porsche in Italy. The automaker in fact sold 6,710 cars, 28% more than in 2018, a result that once again saw Italy ranked third on the European market for the Stuttgart manufacturer.

So while Italy loves Porsche, the love is however reciprocal, as Porsche started building its first Porsche Experience Center in Italy at the end of 2019, the eighth in the world after those in Leipzig, Silverstone, Atlanta, Le Mans, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hockenheim (the latter opened a few months ago, in November).  

The Italian centre will be the largest built so far, on a site covering around 560,000 square metres at the Franciacorta motor racing circuit in the province of Brescia that the German company bought in 2019, having seen the ideal site for its project: an existing track they could use, and an excellent location, in the centre of northern Italy, well connected to major cities such as Milan, Verona and Brescia, and moreover close to the Lake Garda area with its many tourists, as well as to Switzerland. 

Porsche Experience Centre Franciacorta will be the 8th one in the world and the largest one. It’s being built at the Autodromo Franciacorta racetrack, in between Milan and Venice. 

“The Experience Centres embody what Porsche is all about: first-hand experience that gets under your skin,” says Detlev von Platen, member of the Executive Board for Sales & Marketing at Porsche AG. “Franciacorta will be a further contact point for customers and fans from all over Europe who want to experience the Porsche feeling for themselves.”

So what will this prestigious new destination scheduled to open in early 2021 with an investment of over 26 million euros be like? 

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