An oasis of well-being

An oasis of well-being

28 April 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Green and luxury tourism in Campania: new Laghi Nabi Glamping Resort, in the province of Caserta, Italy /

The coronavirus emergency has shocked all of us, forcing us to drastically change our habits: stuck between within the four walls of our home, we go out only when strictly necessary, and always with the necessary stringent health precautions. 

Once the crisis passes, and we hope this is as soon as possible, we will all want to make up for lost time and therefore also start travelling again. In this regard, some websites, such as the flight and hotel search engine, have asked its European users where they would like to go once the pandemic is over, and the results of the survey are quite interesting. Many declared that they want to return to visit the lively streets of the main European cities (18%), others instead already see themselves sunbathing on a beach (35%), and some even don’t care about the destination, provided they have an all-inclusive hotel where they can relax without limits in terms of food and drink (10%). Finally, a considerable number, about 27%, feel the desire to seek outdoor spaces, surrounded by nature, landscapes that make them soon forget the narrow walls of their home.

The brand-new Laghi Nabi Glamping Resort in Laghi Nabi, a natural oasis in Campania, on the Domizio coastline less than half an hour from Naples and Caserta, could thus be an ideal destination for these people to spend a holiday both surrounded by nature and with the comfort of a hotel, and no less importantly be part of environmentally sustainable tourism…

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