Can you escape from this?

Can you escape from this?

29 October 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ From escape rooms to plenty of other activities in Germany’s biggest indoor park /

Who said that escape rooms are only for grown-ups? This autumn the Alma Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, opened a new escape room especially designed for, and dedicated to, children aged 8 to 12. 

In the Sir Peter Morgan Kids Academy, young adventurers dive into the world of private detective Sir Peter Morgan. In teams of up to 6 children, they become detectives-in-training and have 60 minutes to solve riddles and puzzles in a race against time, to find the solution to the mystery that will let them escape the room: if they are able to complete the tests, their training in the Academy is considered complete, and maybe Sir Peter Morgan will have them on his team to solve his important mysteries. All puzzles have been tailored to the skills of kids of that age, stimulating their inquisitiveness as well as their manual skills. Trials can also be more specifically adapted to a given group of kids, based on their age. Sir Peter Morgan Kids Academy comes complete with a catering option, to make it perfect for birthday parties and the like.

This is not the first experience with escape rooms for Alma Park. The 9,000sqm indoor amusement park in the Ruhr area of northern Germany, not far from the border with the Netherlands, was already offering two more rooms based on the character of Sir Peter Morgan (The Secret of the 666 Passengers and The Heir of Dracula) and five more with themes ranging from the Holy Grail to Assassin’s Creed. The customization was also something the park had already worked out how to offer: “Are you going to celebrate a birthday or a bachelorette party in our rooms? Are you organizing a company or a retirement party? Do you want to make a unique marriage proposal?” reads the park’s website. “Our puzzle box offers you the opportunity to customize the experience and to surprise someone in the room during the game!”

For adults, the escape rooms and other activities in this indoor park are perfect for parties and team building; so much so that Alma Park is currently marketing itself as the perfect venue for…

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