Great adventures behind, ahead and all around

Great adventures behind, ahead and all around

28 August 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Now in its 60th anniversary, Silver Dollar City reopened in mid June with new health and safety guidelines and a $30 million investment in new park offerings /

In mid June, when Silver Dollar City theme park in Missouri reopened its gates, guests were faced, unsurprisingly, with numerous operational changes and added health & safety measures. For instance, a limited daily park capacity, required online ticket reservation (except for season pass holders), temperature checks prior to entering the park and mandatory face mask use for any guest age 3 and up.

Outlaw Roller Coaster

Fortunately, more enjoyable changes were also there. In 2020 the 1880-style theme park is celebrating 6 decades of providing family entertainment and on the occasion of this diamond jubilee it has added some new amazing entertainment offerings.

The 2020 slate includes a whole new themed area Rivertown, home to a 450-seat BBQ restaurant – Rivertown Smokehouse – and a best-in-class water adventure ride, Mystic River Falls. The 2020 investment totals $27 million dollars ($4 million for the restaurant and the rest for the ride), which is the capping of a $100-million-dollar decade which has brought major additions to the park year in year out, such…

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