The Smurfs land in Shanghai

The Smurfs land in Shanghai

30 June 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The Smurfs challenge Mickey Mouse: last month an indoor theme park themed around the little blue imps was inaugurated in the surroundings of Shanghai /

After 2 years of intense design and construction, on May 29 the 8,000sq.m Smurfs Indoor Theme Park opened its doors near Shanghai with an opening ceremony attended by both Chinese and Belgian government officials. The new leisure destination is part of a mixed-use development – also including the 5-star Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel (the world’s first hotel built inside an abandoned underground water-filled quarry), residential homes and great shopping opportunities – and it has been developed by the Shimao Property Holdings Ltd, one of the largest property developers in China, in cooperation with IMPS, owner of the Smurfs IP.

Although not being the first park themed around Peyo’s comic book franchise (see box below), the Shanghai attraction is the world’s largest indoor theme park so far. Belgium-based KCC Entertainment Design was behind its concept and schematic design. “Our team fully immersed into the world and DNA of the Smurfs and analysed the site, the market, the budget and other project related constraints. Through our typical approach, we were able to develop an incredible Smurfy story which fits the building and budget perfectly!” proudly says KCC Entertainment Design CEO Yannick Maes.

Aimed at families with kids and designed to make them plunge into the life of the Smurfs and get the feeling they are part of the Smurfs family, the park boasts…

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