Keep families close

Keep families close

23 September 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

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Families with children have been growing as a market segment in hospitality for several years. And while 2020 may have seen a lot of deviation on previous trends about travel, families are not something that is going away: polls say that immediate family represents the most frequent travel companions, followed by multi-generational families. So let’s have a look at family friendly hotels, those venues that have specialized their offer around this segment with specific services, amenities and packages.

Cavallino Bianco in Ortisei, Val Gardena.

The unexpected is part of any travel (and even a desired part, sometimes), but when traveling with children it becomes inevitable. Helping parents with the logistics, understanding and meeting their needs before they even ask, and providing a fun, inspirational and relaxing holiday with different offers for the different components of the family will go a long way in ensuring happy customers. Being a family friendly hotel goes beyond the same old play areas and brings imagination to the service of the whole family and of its real, everyday needs.

For example, every hotel in the Italy Family Hotels Consortium provides a number of family-oriented amenities: from a free children emergency kit to a pediatrician available just in case, from strolls for hire to flexible dining times and special, kid-friendly menus. All rooms can be equipped with a bottle warmer, a cot, a footstool (for children to reach the sink in the bathroom), even a potty. Their staff knows what a family needs when traveling and is ready to supply everything. And this is just as basic service, on top of which every hotel has its own perks and amenities for both parents and children of all…

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