More benefits, more hygiene and more sustainability

More benefits, more hygiene and more sustainability

29 October 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Textilsharing and the principle of reuse by German company Mewa /

We are living in an age defined by a change in values: the awareness that using something does not necessarily mean owning it, but rather that it is more cost-effective and environmentally beneficial to rent or share it. From cars and bicycles to homes, garden equipment and music, this is a growing trend in many areas of private and professional life. It is not the possession of a good that brings satisfaction, as it involves a series of costs. It’s much, much better to share: it makes you freer, offers greater flexibility and is a choice that reduces waste, making it more environmentally-sustainable.

Mewa, a German company operating in the textile sector, with 45 sites in 14 European countries and sales of 734 million euros in 2019, is perfectly in line with this spirit. Textilsharing is a new way to define a business that this company has been operating since 1908. Indeed its belief has always been that it is cheaper, more ecological and more cost-effective for a customer not to own their work clothes and linen, but rather to rent them, always clean and ready to use. Mewa takes care of everything else: it collects the dirty garments from the customer, washes them using an environmentally-friendly process, if necessary repairs them and replaces the worn parts, and then returns them clean and ironed (making sure that each customer and each of its employees always has the same garments, using a special barcode system). “Textilsharing,” explained Velko Winters, CEO of Mewa Italia, “is suitable for accommodation facilities, large industries (automotive, chemicals, food, etc.), small businesses (such as bakers, carpenters, printers, butchers)… in other words, anyone who wants a long-term solution for managing their workwear.” With savings in time and…

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