Pair of aces

Pair of aces

26 August 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Towers, but not traditional drop towers: Magic Tree and Tower Planes by SBF-VISA Group /

2O and over 300 are key numbers that tell the story of SBF-VISA Group and its tower rides. Twenty years ago, the Veneto group began manufacturing them (and was one of the first in Europe), while over 300 is the number of towers that have since been delivered from their factories to amusement parks, FECs and travelling showmen in many countries around the world. Towers of all heights (ranging from 6m to 70m), with custom drop movements and hydraulic, pneumatic or free fall motion handling systems with magnetic brakes, the result of continuous research and product optimisation from a technological and aesthetic point of view. Always with the utmost attention to rider safety.

Regarding the types of towers, the Swing Tower, which SBF-VISA has been making for the last couple of years, is the most recent evolution: rather than the typical seats, this has spokes reminiscent of chain rides, holding up double seats that move up and down and rotate. A smaller Swing Tower has now been added to the 2 ‘thrill’ models, 32m and 24m high, in the fixed park and trailer-mounted version; thanks to its smaller size and theming, this also opens up other markets, both outdoors and indoors.

Called Magic Tree, this is a family ride, measuring 9m in height, 6m in diameter for the rotating base (plus the safety envelope area, for a total of 12m) and has a lively nature theme, designed based on the tastes of children, its main target. “Last week I was at the park that bought it for testing, and it was exciting to see how much the children present loved the ride, even if obviously they weren’t able to use it,” Tommaso Frison, sales manager for the company told us. “The park manager called me yesterday and told me that although Magic Tree has only been operating for a few days, it is already a favourite among families. He is enthusiastic and we share his satisfaction.”

Thanks to new-technology motors, Magic Tree consumes just 17kW. The LED lighting system has been completely redesigned compared to the larger Swing Tower versions, and is entirely managed by software, thus guaranteeing greater excitement and improved aesthetics. 

Tower Planes, another new family ride this summer by SBF-VISA Group, also recalls the Swing Tower due to its tower structure and arms that rotate around the centre. This ride, however, has completely different and interactive seats, and performs more complex, decidedly thrill movements. The 8 two-seater cars in fact reproduce jets and ‘fly’ in the sky, performing individual acrobatic evolutions, as each plane is controlled directly by the riders using a joystick. They can reach a height…

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