Simply mind-blowing

Simply mind-blowing

20 January 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ On New Year’s Eve Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas officially unveiled its upgraded Viva Vision canopy and stunning all new 3D graphics /

Visitors to Las Vegas cannot fail to take a walk on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas, one of the city’s oldest streets and originally the centre of the metropolis: this is where the first hotel in the city was built in 1906, the first telephone, the first traffic light and the first elevator were installed, and still on Fremont Street the first Nevada gaming license was issued.

Today, despite not being able to compete in fame with the Strip, Fremont Street is still one of the most characteristic and glittering areas of Las Vegas, renowned for its art and entertainment. The emblem and main attraction in this part of the city is Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall that occupies 6 blocks of the street and offers world-class gambling, dining, shopping and entertainment on 3 stages 365 days per year. This one-of-a-kind venue, which attracts over 24 million annual visitors, is home to 8 casino hotels (among them the historic Golden Nugget, one of the oldest ones in Las Vegas), more than 60 restaurants and specialty retail kiosks, and SlotZilla, a unique zipline attraction featuring a 260-metre Zipline and 533-metre Zoomline, which launches riders from a 12-story slot machine-themed tower. Riders fly under the iconic Viva Vision canopy, Fremont Street Experience’s greatest attraction: the world’s largest single video screen – almost 420m long, 27.4m wide and suspended over 27m above the vibrant pedestrian mall.

The iconic overhead canopy, originally built in 1995, recently got a major upgrade, and the New Year’s Eve celebrations were the perfect occasion to officially unveil the revamped screen and its new collection of stunning custom imagery and 3D graphics… 

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