Simply smart

Simply smart

12 May 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ An innovative product in the world of decorative panels /

A bathroom, a lounge, a meeting room or any other space where a unique style is needed: New Smart Panel by Emilia-based company Tecnografica offers a revolutionary product on the large panel and coverings market, with many possible applications.

Made from special decorated polycarbonate and structural fibreglass, each panel, customisable in terms of both patterns and sizes, measures up to 130x300cm and is very thin (2.2mm) and light (3kg/sqm). The panels are also scratch-resistant and flexible, the latter feature making them ideal for curved walls and columns, while the polycarbonate composition makes it a perfect product even for places with high humidity.

It should also be added that thanks to the high-resolution image capture system, all of the graphics have excellent aesthetic rendering and exceptional depth, suitable for embellishing a diverse range of spaces.

Light and flexible, New Smart Panels by Tecnografica are easy to handle and install, even when large in size.

Furthermore, New Smart Panel has the advantage of being easily processed on-site using normal tools, and being thin, light and flexible it can also be delivered by courier in simple packaging, even for large product formats (meaning cost savings and helping the environment).

Smart Panel is also available in the Double Face version. These share the lightweight, strength and gloss of the single-sided panels, however with their double-sided graphics, the Double Face Smart Panels are especially suitable for creating partition walls or as decorative design elements. They are up to 9mm thick.

Photos courtesy: Tecnografica

Taken from Games&Parks Industry May 2020, page 80