Six for one, one for all

Six for one, one for all

21 December 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Michele and Tommaso Frison tell us about the latest idea proposed by their company SBF-VISA Group: a turnkey mechanical park project that includes the new XXXL Hamster Wheel Coaster /

Tommaso and Michele Frison, SBF-VISA Group.

When a company is not only a big factory, but also a breeding ground of new ideas, that is an important competitive advantage; and if those ideas are innovative and future-oriented, the road to success is clear, or at least easier to follow.

SBF-VISA Group is an example of such a company. Its international reputation and commercial success could never be what they have been for decades without the group’s efficient factories, where the production process is monitored every step of the way, but also without a managerial team with great intuition. These are men who can understand where the leisure market is going and where it will go in the future, what the market needs, what room there is for development and improvement; and then, supported by a team of technical designers and engineers, they can translate these insights into new and innovative projects and products.

Their latest such project is Amusement Park, a complete indoor or outdoor mechanical park that the Venetian group can supply as a turnkey project. “We are talking about an area of about 1,600sqm – explained Michele and Tommaso Frison, the group’s sales managers – where we have plotted the best distribution of 6 of our medium-large best-seller attractions for a cross-sectional audience (kids, families, teenagers and adults), plus a restaurant-bar.”

Why do you underline that it’s the “best” distribution?

“Because the position of each element inside the park and along a visit path has been meticulously calculated to optimize spaces while respecting each attraction’s safety standards to the millimeter. It was painstaking and thorough work, that we did, not without some difficulties.”

Let’s talk about the attractions. Which ones are included?

“Our choice went to timeless rides, but we reinterpreted them in our own way, with a fresh design and in some cases also with new content. For children and family rides, we offer a 20-seat, 4.6m-diameter swing ride (the Toy Swing model) and a slightly bigger, 12-seat teacup ride (with a diameter of 5.8m).”

I imagine there is also some kind of beacon attraction, something that stands out above the rest of the park…

“Of course. There is a 15m-tall Tower Planes (the family ride that we created a few years ago as a hybrid between a plane ride and a drop tower), and there is also a Double Ranger, a 32-seat and over-18m-tall Space Gun model, that will make thrill-seekers happy and at the same time please the eyes of the public with its aerial acrobatics. Last but not least, there is a 20m-tall, 12-seat Drop & Twist Tower. Not seeing this tower will be impossible, even from a distance; and all the more so at night, with the multi-colored lights lining its silhouette.”

A theme park is not a theme park without a roller coaster, right?

“Right. In this case it is a super spinning coaster that will offer unforgettable thrills even without inversions or record-breaking features. It is our Hamster Wheel Coaster in the never-seen-before XXXL version, almost 12m tall, with not less than…

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