Snow all year round

Snow all year round

22 May 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ This year the largest European indoor snow sports arena has opened in Oslo. Unique in its kind, the facility allows you to practice alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and free skiing under one roof /

Norway has been the most successful nation in the history of the Olympic Winter Games winning 368 medals (132 gold, 125 silver, 111 bronze), which is an impressive number considering a population of 5 million. 

Snø, the giant indoor arena dedicated to snow sports located a short 15 minutes’ drive from Oslo, opened in the Scandinavian country last January.  The high-quality design and construction process was entrusted to a team of experts in the field (notably, Hermod Bjørkestøl, responsible for the cross-country trail of the Winter Olympic Games since 2002, was involved in the design phase of the project) because the almost 4,000sq.m complex was not only conceived to serve as a retreat for families with children and snow sports enthusiasts but as a functional sports center for athletes training all year round.

The temperature inside the hall is between -2° and -4°C owing to “the installation sits on a permanent glacier” as stated by Morten Dybdahl, CEO of Snø Oslo. “This allows us – he continues – to guarantee perfect conditions all year round without any invasive intervention and minimizing the environmental impact of the structure.”

The arena is organized in different trails suitable for all skill levels. The beginners area is located at the entrance, while a cross-country ski trail runs parallel to…

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