Spraying fun

Spraying fun

27 October 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Spray parks and one of their specialist Italian manufacturers: Acquapark /

Bringing the freshness of fun in the water even where there are no swimming pools, and doing it with a very high level of safety, even for younger children, is the basis for the spray parks, colourful play areas featuring water sprays (hence their name), fountains and interactive games that are installed on simple wet floors, made on site or even prefabricated. These zero-depth water playgrounds are among the most sought-after products currently in hotels, tourist resorts, camp sites, beach facilities, sporting centres and other structures, as they are popular with the whole family, easily affordable and don’t require large spaces to liven up and add appeal to any location.

However, no success comes by chance, and in the case of spray parks too the combination of games proposed, their arrangement, the quality of the construction materials, the water circuit design and after-sales service are all very important. It is therefore best to contact expert suppliers such as Acquapark srl from Calcinato (Brescia), one of the pioneers of water entertainment in Italy, including traditional water playgrounds and more recent ideas such as spray parks. The company has been manufacturing water play areas for children since 1991 and Spray Parks since 2001 (initially called Isola Felice, happy island), and can now boast over 200 installations in a variety of different structures… numbers that confirm its probably unrivaled experience in the design and construction of these attractions, accompanied by a continuous commitment to developing new games, materials, themes and solutions for individual and collective safety. “We focus on highly active, participatory games that stimulate interaction, because this is what… 

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