The virus-proof trade show

The virus-proof trade show

28 April 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Results and images of RAAPA Expo 2020, held in mid-March in Moscow /

RAAPA Expo 2020, held in mid-March in Moscow, was the last trade show in our sector to be held during the COVID-19 emergency. It was nonetheless still affected by the virus. Just a few days before it opened, measures to combat the pandemic and primarily restrictions on international travel had already been taken in various parts of the world. For a number of days it was not sure whether the event would proceed, and when in the end the organisers – RAAPA, the Russian association of amusement parks and attractions – decided that ‘the show must go on’, they had to deal with a number of cancellations due to limits imposed by national governments. No Chinese exhibitors were able to set foot in Russia, and even among the Europeans, many who had already delivered and set up their stands were unable to attend, thus leaving their local representatives to take their place, or simply having attendants hand out information.

RAAPA Expo 2020 did not however completely fall prey to the circumstances. It in fact attracted 150 exhibitors (around 50 less than in 2019, but with 35 newcomers) and a number of visitors equal to the previous year, around 4,000, made up of owners and managers of amusement parks, resorts, FECs and other leisure complexes, as well as investors, representatives of local and regional administrations, entrepreneurs etc.

All these trade visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a showcase of the international offer in terms of classic and not so classic rides, simulators (even some unique ones such as Parachutist by Nord Press), all kinds of VR/AR equipment (a category of products constantly increasing), new releases for playgrounds and activity parks, animatronics, access control and cashless payments solutions for recreational facilities and much more…

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