WOW factor

WOW factor

27 August 2020 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Latest tests for the new version of Fabbri Group’s Smashing Jump 12 /

No summer break for the Fabbri Group, which in recent weeks has been busy completing a number of fixed and portable rides for parks and travelling showmen all over the world.

These include a completely new version of the trailer-mounted 12-arm Smashing Jump (24 seats). The ride, completely upgraded mechanically and aesthetically, was put through its paces by the ‘Testing Guys’ when we visited the Group’s facilities in Rovigo province. Their opinion? “Impressive!”.

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Full marks for the usability of the arms in their movements, especially in the highest jumps. The larger air tanks, more powerful compressors, longer pneumatic cylinders and more sequences of… 

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