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/ CMC Caravan, one of Italy’s excellences in the world of luxury motorhomes, is celebrating a historic anniversary this year /

1961: the year of the first man in space, the election of John F. Kennedy as president of the USA, the first Beatles concert, the foundation of the WWF and the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic display team. It was also the year that CMC Caravan was founded in the Polesine area of Veneto, Italy, specifically in Bergantino, and consequently this year the company is celebrating the major milestone of 60 years’ business in the construction and outfitting of caravans and mobile shops, customised in every detail for the travelling show.

CMC Caravan was founded by 2 friends in their early twenties, Valentino Cuoghi and Romano Marangoni, who initially, as carpenters, made furniture and window and door frames in their workshop. But soon their core business, as we would say today, changed course and led to what it is today. In fact, with the growth of the number of local families who back then decided to start working in the fun fair business as an alternative to having to emigrate to industrial cities, a new market emerged for the 2 partners: caravans for these workers, homes on wheels where they could comfortably live during long periods of travel. With great flair, Valentino and Romano sensed the opportunity and thus began to apply their skills to converting old school buses from the 1930s into motorhomes, making space for basic services such as a bed and a small kitchen. 

The idea was popular, the number of customers grew, the school buses were replaced by structures specially built on trailers and semi-trailers, and the CMC production facilities also grew, allowing the company to manage all stages of production in-house, from the metalwork to the carpentry.  

In the 1990s, Valentino and Romano passed the baton onto their sons, Vanni Cuoghi and Marco Marangoni (the current owners of the company) and they started to expand the business with the first exports abroad, above all in France. From France they then conquered the whole of Europe, and today 98% of their production is exported. 

Production continues to grows year after year, while still maintaining its roots in craftsmanship, the true strength of CMC. Each space is designed in detail through…

Photo Courtesy: CMC Italia

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