Back and forth

Back and forth

1 April 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A record-breaking shuttle-style coaster by Intamin opened a few weeks ago in China /

Last month a brand new rollercoaster by Intamin Rides started operation in southwest China. Named Legendary Twin Dragon, it is located in Chongqing Sunac Land theme park and with a height of 70m and top speeds of nearly 120kmph, it has become the tallest and fastest Double Twisted Impulse Coaster model in the world.

This launch spiraling coaster has a space-efficient footprint: U-shaped, it features a physical track of 251m resulting however in 1.4km of experienced track length.

Riders on the suspended-seating train are LSM launched forward into the 360° twisted spike element reaching a height of 40m already, followed by a weightless airtime and a rollback through the station for a second launch, this time on the opposite twisting spike element and reaching 52m in height.

In total, the 32 riders enjoy…


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