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/ As many as 3 brand new roller coasters by Vekoma Rides have started to operate this month /

Ride manufacturer Vekoma Rides has good reasons to celebrate this month; indeed 3 excellent reasons, as many as the rollercoasters made by this Dutch specialist that opened to the public around the world in recent days.

Let’s start from Phoenix, a custom Suspended Family Coaster that was inaugurated over the 4 July weekend at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park on Coney Island, New York City. 

Featuring a 372m track with a height of almost 21m, this rollercoaster is quite compact – the footprint is of only 78.2×31.2m– and has a moderate speed (53km/h), yet it offers an exciting and memorable experience for riders of any age. One highlight is a near-miss with the park’s Wonder Wheel, where passengers experience a tight curve with a 3.4G downforce.

The coaster has no inversion, yet thanks to the open seat design riders with their legs dangling free can experience a flying sensation and unobstructed views downwards, making for a thrilling ride. Moreover, the unique layout allows visitors to the park to walk safely underneath while riders enjoy great heights, turns and manoeuvres, thus providing exciting views for riders and spectators alike. 

Leaving New York City and Phoenix, we now move to Zator, southern Poland, where the Energylandia theme park is located. On July 14, the park celebrated its 7th anniversary as well as the official opening of a new themed area (its 6th themed land), Aqualantis, based on the sunken mythological city of Atlantis.

Six hectares in size, the new land is home to 10 new rides (the total number of rides and attractions is now 105!), among which are 2 roller coasters by Vekoma, Ekipa Light Explorers and Abyssus. Being a Family Boomerang model, the former has the unique characteristic of…

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Photos Courtesy: Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Energylandia

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