Family vacations

Family vacations

12 March 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Major renovation work is giving birth to a great family resort in the province of Bolzano, Italy /

In South Tyrol’s Pusteria Valley, about 50 kilometres from Bolzano, not far from the Italian border with Austria, there is a hotel that is undergoing a complete facelift: with an investment of 20 million euros,  the Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido will reopen, completely renovated, next July, with the aim of becoming the most innovative family resort in Europe, offering facilities and services that will shape the future of family hospitality.


The resort renovation project is a very important step for the owners, the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group, as it involves the structure where the international group’s history began almost 65 years ago, namely a small guest house with just 9 beds opened in 1957 by the parents of Erich and Andreas Falkensteiner (respectively Group President and Supervisory Board member) where the 2 brothers grew up. “Both Andreas and I grew up there, surrounded by guests and hospitality,” Erich recalled. “Hence our company motto ‘Welcome Home!’ takes on another dimension. All this explains why we hold this project dear to our hearts. We have worked with love and passion on creating something great, always with the objective of developing a reference family resort in Europe , while at the same time striving to preserve the soul and history of the structure.”

One of the strong points of the renovation project is the Sky Adventure Park on the roof of the 4-star superior hotel: instead of a swimming pool, as is the case in many luxury hotels, an action park will be built, comprising an indoor Valo Jump – the interactive trampoline developed by Finnish company Valo Motion – a year-round ski slope with lifts, an ice skating rink, a jogging track, games for children, a track for battery cars, a football pitch and more.

From the roof it will also be possible to…

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