FICO Eataly World changes skin

FICO Eataly World changes skin

26 January 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ FICO, the large theme park showing off Italy’s agri-food excellence, has a new industrial plan and a new CEO /

Five million euros in new capital, solid governance and a new business model are the ingredients with which FICO Eataly World, the park located on the outskirts of Bologna devoted to the excellence of Italian agriculture and food, plans to recover from the Covid pandemic and 3 years of below-par performance.

Although currently closed due to the pandemic, like all leisure parks in Italy, the structure this month announced a new 3-year strategic plan designed to overhaul the park, transform its format and relaunch it on the market. The plan was developed by the new CEO Stefano Cigarini (a well-known name, also being CEO of Cinecittà World theme park) and his staff, and redesigns the visitor experience and the way the park is accessed, with the introduction of an admission ticket (until now FICO has always had free admission). A new park layout is also planned – there is talk of downsizing the sales area and expanding the family entertainment and conference areas – and large settings will divide the park into 7 themed areas, including the Luna Farm, full of rides and attractions. However, the role of dozens of leading Italian companies and major Italian food brands in the world will…

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