Increase the reach of your Facebook posts: here’s how

Increase the reach of your Facebook posts: here’s how

9 May 2021 Off By Oscar Giacomin

Is the coverage of your Facebook posts always very low? The fault lies with EdgeRank, the Facebook algorithm that determines the visibility of a post in the newsfeed, also called the “reach”. It seems that the strategy of Zuckerberg & Co. is to deliberately lower the reach of posts so as to monetise the enormous potential of their online storefront. Facebook therefore encourages companies and professionals to invest in Facebook ads to increase visibility and engagement. Fortunately, paying isn’t the only way to reach your fanbase. 

To increase visibility on Facebook, there are certain methods, or better still a cocktail of tips that, if mixed wisely, can help increase the reach of your posts and therefore your page. 

Applying simple logic, you could mistakenly think that publishing more posts automatically means more visibility. The solution to the problem of low visibility would therefore be to publish large numbers of posts. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, and exaggerating with posts of probably poor quality means boring users and triggering negative effects. Quality comes first! Boring posts are the number one reason why followers leave a company page. 

In addition, to ensure variety, I suggest alternating the contents and identifying those that work best with your audience. Links, videos, photos and even text status, where necessary. As regards quality content to be published on social media, Spidwit can be helpful: it proposes new quality topical contents every day, and provides all the tools to quickly publish and program them on your social media. 

As everyone knows, there are 3 forms of interaction on Facebook (likes, comments and shares), all 3 of which are very important in terms of reach. Shares have a clear effect on the life cycle of the content, that is, they generate new views, which means new possibilities for new likes, comments and… shares. And in the best case scenario, the content can even go viral. There is a difference between content that attracts likes and content that stimulates shares. Without exaggerating, you can also invite others to share your content. 

Those who use Facebook do not like to constantly receive commercial offers. So if you only publish promotional content, the effect will be the opposite of what you had hoped for. People won’t interact and as a result the feared EdgeRank algorithm will penalise you. If you do want to post commercial content, firstly don’t overdo the number of promotional posts, and in any case try to create interesting offers, use well-made graphics or well-constructed stories for these ads. 

Video marketing, as is now clear to everyone, is a growing trend that can no longer be ignored. On one hand, it is true that Facebook also favours videos in the algorithm for views, on the other videos also have two undeniable advantages. The first is that people have an increasing need for content that is easy to use, and the other is that with autoplay, the video starts automatically, and attracts more attention than a static image. 

Only videos uploaded directly to Facebook are previewed, and not those with external links to YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing engines. So along with the tip to make interesting and educational videos for your fanbase, I also recommend uploading them directly to Facebook. 

It is also important to engage your audience, and there are many ways to do this, the simplest of which may be to ask them questions. A question in a Facebook post increases the possibility of receiving comments, which have great value in calculating the EdgeRank. And therefore on the reach of your posts. And (as I always recommend), be ready and quick to comment on the answers, as well as reply to any other doubts, questions or insights that arise. 

Another way to engage followers is to involve other users or other pages by tagging them: for example, the author of an article or an influencer who may be interested in the topic. However, do not overdo this, as it can be considered annoying by some users. 


Oscar Giacomin  / General Manager, Facto Edizioni

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