Just relax and enjoy the view!

Just relax and enjoy the view!

28 September 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A new attraction by SBF-VISA Group for riders of all ages and fitting both indoor and outdoor locations /

In the past few days the technical staff of the SBF-VISA Group completed the testing of the brand new Panoramic Coaster, a family roller coaster that provides emotions similar to those of a suspended monorail. Each ride takes passengers on a pleasant and cosy journey several meters above the ground, from which they can enjoy a unique panoramic view above the outdoor or indoor park.

The attraction has 2 trains, featuring 4 cars each (total capacity: 32 passengers). They move at reduced speeds varying from a minimum of 0.2 m/sec. to a maximum of 1.4 m/sec. through slight ups and downs, straight elements and gentle curves along the almost 360 meter track.

The version being tested, made for an indoor theme park in Qatar, has a footprint of 141x53m, a climb that reaches 13.5 meters and a single loading/unloading station. Panoramic Coaster is however suitable for outdoor venues too. Depending on the…

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Photos Courtesy: TOGO Media

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