Lights of Hope

Lights of Hope

22 January 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The Rides District, currently in difficulty due to the global health emergency, has however been able to put its talent to good use by offering a Christmas gift to the citizens of Rovigo /

With the pandemic continuing to claim victims around the world and strongly affecting all aspects of our lives, last Christmas was certainly quite different: lonelier and much less carefree.

While cities cancelled many of the traditions – markets, Christmas celebrations in bars or restaurants, frenzied shopping for the perfect gift – one however resisted almost everywhere: Christmas lights. Paris, New York, Venice, London… large and small cities around the world still put on a show for Christmas – even if in many cases in a more sober way than in the past – trying to provide a warm atmosphere as a sign of normality for their inhabitants.

In Rovigo, the city in the Veneto region and capital of the province that is home to the famous Italian Rides District – an area where many small and medium-sized ride manufacturing businesses are located, centred around the town of Bergantino and recognised as an excellence around the world – some light was brought to this dark period by ‘Christmas Lights 2020’, a project promoted by CNA Padova & Rovigo and specifically its managing director Matteo Rettore, in collaboration with the Venice-Rovigo Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Rovigo. 

Starting from December 18 and lasting until January 11, the city’s most important cultural and social sites – the main squares, the buildings hosting the University, theatre and municipal conservatory, and a large fountain in the old city centre – were illuminated with light effects and themed installations produced by the companies from the District. In particular, Losi Elettronica from Melara, Light&Co from Bergantino and G. Technology from Ceneselli: 15 people who worked for 600 hours and installed 150 LED lights in the city, creating over 250 shades of colour and thousands of programmable light effects. An initiative with the focus on sustainability too, as thanks to the energy saving system, power consumption was reduced by a factor of 10 compared to previous Christmases.

“I am very happy with this partnership with such prestigious suppliers from the Bergantino Rides District. Companies specialising in these light shows in prestigious environments…

Photo Courtesy: TOGO Media

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