One roller coaster leads to another

One roller coaster leads to another

28 January 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The latest roller coaster model created by Technical Park is a hit /

Beautiful, original and with ‘grown-up’ thrills: Batukai Racer, the latest family coaster manufactured by Technical Park and installed at the Serengeti Park Resort in Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony – a structure that is both a safari zoo and a theme park, comprising an area with 1,500 wild animals and an amusement park with over 40 rides and shows – has hit the bullseye thanks to its features.

This ride is a family coaster that, even though it can be used by children aged 4 and over, has features that put it in a higher category. Many important elements combine technically to give a high-performance thrill coaster, while still offering a ride for parents and children of all ages to enjoy together. Along the 270m track there are obviously no inversions, yet riders surpass 50km/h on the curves and ups and downs. From a technical viewpoint, there are various premium elements such as the lift chain that takes the train 15m above the ground, featuring a silenced anti-rollback system, and the 5 cars are equipped with double steering axles that uniform contact of the wheels at all times, while avoiding stress on the shafts. The coaster is also equipped with magnetic brakes that guarantee perfectly smooth stopping at the arrival station.

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