Ready to climb?

Ready to climb?

9 March 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ How a bridge can turn into an attraction /

Some say its shape resembles a swimming dolphin, others a snake, still others see it as 2 flying swans or a ribbon: no matter what inspired its architects, Matagarup Bridge, the suspension bridge crossing over the Swan River in Perth (the capital and largest city in Western Australia), is an incredible engineering challenge showcasing sophisticated design and in less than 3 years since its inauguration it has turned into a city icon.

Built to provide a pedestrian link between the city centre of Perth and the new multi-purpose 60,000 seat Optus Stadium, the bridge is around 400m long and over 70m tall with its 3 white steel arches covered by more than 800m of multicolour LED lighting fixtures. 

What could remain only a beautiful and functional infrastructure, became also a tourist attraction last month: Matagarup Bridge now offers a 90-minute true climb experience. Following a pre-safety briefing, full body harness and equipment fitting participants are required to climb, shimmy, slide and squeeze through tight spaces, ascending 72m above the Swan River to the SkyView – an open-air viewing platform featuring a glass floor.

Climbers have around…

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