Side-by-side racing

Side-by-side racing

28 September 2021 0 By Facto Edizioni

/ Parallel Pursuit is the brand new addition to WhiteWater’s portfolio of waterslides /

Let’s face it: we’re all inherently competitive. Some more than others, however thankfully we all share the desire to put ourselves to the test, to be better than what we were and to challenge and where possible even beat others.

In a water park, the perfect attractions for fun competition between friends or family are racing slides, as is clear from their popularity.

So what are these slides usually like? Either slides with open tubes, multiple lanes, sometimes slightly rolling, which run straight down into the pool below, or single enclosed waterslides, side by side, with exciting layouts and full of fast turns.

Canadian manufacturer WhiteWater has now designed a third type of racing slide, called Parallel Pursuit: slides with open or enclosed tubes (also combined with each other) equipped with a very low separating wall so that riders can see each other and hear each other both on the straight sections and on the bends.

“From start tub to run-out lane, Parallel Pursuit has been designed for pure racing fun. Being able to see your friend as you race around a bend and hear their laughter echo in the slide is a unique experience for any ride,” says Paul Chutter, WhiteWater President and CCO. Along with a differentiated flume profile, enclosed racing sections feature a translucent stripe down the side which bathes riders in a warm glow of light and enhances the atmosphere of the slide.

The very first installation of a Parallel Pursuit waterslide (in mat version) is at the Nocatee Spray Park in Florida. Twin Falls (that’s the name of the new attraction) is a diversified ride experience as Parallel Pursuit’s open and enclosed racing sections are combined with separate tubes, allowing for surprise lane switching that helps to up the…

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