Thrills and fun

Thrills and fun

18 January 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The new Scary Drop free fall tower by Fabbri Group is almost finished and ready for shipment /

Fabbri Group’s technicians are completing the final details of the new 34-meter-tall Scary Drop free fall tower before it leaves Italy for Cape Town, South Africa. The location where the attraction will be installed is quite unique: on the roof of a luxury hotel, that is 100 meters from ground. Adding this height to the tower’s, it is clearly evident that riders will have the chance to enjoy the city from a considerable height, obviously only while being lifted to the top; free-falling down the tower many of them, if not all, will be so thrilled they will keep their eyes closed.

The ride can accommodate up to…

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Photos Courtesy: TOGO Media

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