Unique thrills in the skies of Cape Town

Unique thrills in the skies of Cape Town

10 November 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A South African luxury hotel has purchased a Scary Drop drop tower from Fabbri Group, installing it in an unusual place: on the 28th floor of a hotel /

Cape Town has had a new landmark for the last few weeks, built by Fabbri Group. A 34 metre Scary Drop model drop tower manufactured by the Italian company is now operating in the legislative capital of South Africa. And can you guess where it has been installed? About 100 metres above the ground, on the roof of a 28-storey hotel, the luxurious Hotel Sky. The hotel chose Fabbri Group, known for its thrilling and safe products, to offer guests something exclusive, the icing on the cake to the many comforts and services offered. 

“We don’t simply want to give you a comfortable place to stay”, says the hotel’s website. “We want every aspect of your experience within our establishment to be treasured.” And together with the 540 luxury rooms and suites, shows, outdoor swimming pool, wellness centre, restaurant bar overlooking the city, friendly robots that interact with guests arriving in the hall and much more, the hotel now also has the impressive Sky Hi Ride. The drop tower, which can also be used by people who are not guests at the hotel, has above all become an additional source of income for the structure, as riders pay a ticket, and it is also proposed as the highlight of events and private parties held in the spacious area around the base of the ride. 

Sky Hi Ride offers unique and unforgettable emotions: a breath-taking view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, followed by an adrenaline-filled free fall at a speed of 100 km/h, with peaks in acceleration reaching 34 m/s, perfectly controlled by magnetic brakes (the best, experts say, as they do not wear out over time and also work in the event of a power outage).

The drop tower features ergonomic seats for maximum comfort and safety. The ride holds 10 passengers at a time, for…

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Photos Courtesy: Rikki Hibbert, hotelsky.co.za

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