Water fun by the Red Sea

Water fun by the Red Sea

30 July 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Jordan’s largest waterpark opened in the heart of Aqaba on July 3 /

Jordan’s only coastal city, Aqaba has long been a sought-after destination for domestic travelers and international tourists alike. Its appeal is now even larger thanks to the opening of Saraya Aqaba Waterpark, the first-of-its-kind in the city and the largest waterpark in the country, as well as the only one on the coast. 

Located within walking distance from all the local hotels, only 15 minutes from Aqaba International Airport and driving distance from Amman, the park was designed by Valencia-based Amusement Logic, and spans an area exceeding 25,000sq.m. Its theme is based on Jordan, so that the 25 attractions, slides and experiences at the park are named after the Kingdom’s most iconic landmarks including Jerash, Wadi Rum and many more.

Aqua Jerash, for example, is the park’s children area, packed with slides, waterfalls, interactive activities and a water playground with a giant tipping bucket, whereas Wadi Rum Racer is a multi-lane waterslide. Saraya Aqaba Waterpark’s wave pool, Rum Waves, is 780sq.m in size and boasts breathtaking waterfalls and vast waves making guests feel as if they are in the ocean while experiencing the thrill of the waves swooping them to the beach.

Some of the attractions are unique rides that have never been seen before in Jordan. This is the case, among others, of Pella Plunge, a slide that defies gravity from the highest point in the waterpark and Dead Sea Drop, a near vertical plunge that plummets 12m downwards as one of the tallest and steepest speed slides in the country.

Chris Van Der Merwe, general manager of Saraya Aqaba Waterpark, said at the inauguration ceremony on July 3: “Following months of earnest preparation it fills me with an immense amount of pride to see the doors of Saraya Aqaba Waterpark finally open to the public. Whether hopping on exhilarating rides and slides, taking on thrilling watersports, relaxing poolside or enjoying delectable dining and live entertainment – we have carefully curated a wide range of experiences to cater to the entire family.”

Mr Van Der Merwe mentioned dining; actually, guests who want to refuel throughout their adventurous day at Saraya Aqaba Waterpark can visit…

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Photos Courtesy: Saraya Aqaba Waterpark

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