Welcome to Disney’s Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel!

Welcome to Disney’s Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel!

26 June 2021 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The first ever hotel in the world dedicated to Marvel artwork, has opened at Disneyland Paris /

“Disneyland will never be completed,” once said Walt Disney. “It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” He was referring to the park in Anaheim, California, but the quote also describes the spirit of all Disney parks, including the other Disneyland – Disneyland Paris opened in 1992, first called Euro Disney Resort – that Walt Disney, who had died 26 years earlier, had probably also dreamed of, being such a great visionary.

The resort in Marne-La-Vallée, like everything Disney, is a ‘workshop’ that never rests: it invests and works constantly to seize and create opportunities that engage, surprise and exceed guest expectations, thus continuously enhancing the guest experience. This is true for the attractions, but it also applies to the hotels at the resort, where the goal, in addition to the obvious one of improving comfort and services, is also to infuse stories for even more immersive storytelling and unforgettable resort stays. 

If this concept were not already clear, the new Disney’s Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel, inaugurated on 21 June, just a short walk – or free shuttle – from the resort’s parks, explains it perfectly. Much more than just a place to sleep, the hotel is unique because of the strength and subtlety of Marvel stories (over 80 years of Super Heroes stories) it pays homage to. Styled as an iconic art gallery, this 4-star hotel celebrates the culture and vibrant energy of New York City along with Marvel Super Heroes. With more than 350 pieces of artwork on display, spanning both comics and movies, it is one of the largest collections of Marvel artwork in the world and the world’s first hotel dedicated to Marvel artwork. The collection was created by more than 110 international artists and includes about 50 pieces created exclusively for the hotel.

“With Disney’s Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel, we are taking one step further into the redesign…

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