A new icon for Las Vegas?

A new icon for Las Vegas?

1 March 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ An Aérobar unit by Aérophile has just opened at Area15 in Las Vegas. It’s the first one installed in the USA /

The new year has started with a bang for Area15 in Las Vegas. The immersive art, events and entertainment district opened in September 2021 and located just minutes from the Strip has got a brand-new family-friendly attraction that is a first for the USA. On February 3, the slow-motion observation tower LiftOff debuted taking riders up to almost 40m high on a panoramic skyline experience. 

The attraction is an Aérobar model from French Aérophile, the world leader in balloon flight, and features a 16-seat gondola that rotates 360° and gently ascends and descends with the whole journey taking about 7 minutes.

The experience begins at an open-air, full service bar at the base of the attraction tower, where riders can choose from beer, wine, cocktails and alcohol-free options to take aboard the ride. Then, once strapped into the seats, they ascend to the tower summit, with their feet dangling free. At its apex, they can enjoy an extraordinary 360° view of the Las Vegas Strip and vistas far and wide.

At night the attraction’s structure is transformed into a light show to boost the sensations for both the riders and Area15 guests.

LiftOff joins other popular attractions and experiences at Area15, such as…

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Photos Courtesy: Bright Light Digital Art, STEVE MARCUS/Las Vegas Sun

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