Definitely not the usual FEC

Definitely not the usual FEC

24 March 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Tr88house in Dubai: the perfect example of trends in post-pandemic fun /

The pandemic has changed us, experts tell us, and each of us knows it when we listen and look inside ourselves. Smart working, remote schooling, decrease in the number of people out and about, social distancing and masks that almost prevented us from recognizing among ourselves. One of the most evident consequences of the virus is the loss of spending time with others, and, therefore, the loss of human relationships. Technology has tried to fill the void with chats and video calls on web platforms, that have replaced a handshake, a personal meeting or a hug.

Now that the health situation is improving, life is resuming and what experts find is that individuals, at every latitude, are ‘hungry’ for sociability. They seek the human bond, being and doing things together, as if to make up for lost time. And this need also guides them in their choices regarding the leisure time spent away from home. In general, today they prefer participatory and sharable experiences (on social media of course, but also in presence), and the more these experiences imply interacting with each other, the better.

In the same way, experts have evidence that today there is a growing interest in good food and dishes out of the ordinary eating habits (probably also due to the months of forced lock down during which people discovered the beauty of cooking and experimented with new recipes). Going to the restaurant today is perceived as a form of out-of-home entertainment more than it was in the past. It is an experience that satisfies not only the palate, but that also adds the pleasure of socialization, and the sharing and discovery of something new and unusual.

Last December in Dubai, more precisely at Bluewaters Island, not far from the Ain Dubai megawheel and opposite the newly opened Madame Tussauds, opened Tr88house. This is an indoor recreation destination for the whole family, in line with the trends of post-pandemic fun: a space of over 6,000sq.m on several levels, where children and adults can relax, socialize, and have fun together. It is an ethereal universe evoked by a beautiful design theme:  a dream oasis where humans live in harmony with the ‘stylish’ nature represented, for example, by chandeliers reminiscent of cocoons and 12m high stylized trees under which are placed comfortable relaxation areas.

The proposed entertainments are all focused on active participation and interaction. There is Skyfall, a trampoline park with a gravity-defying slack line, climbing walls, ninja course and a bouncing court in addition to a number of trampolines for kids and adults of all ages. 

The Munchkin Monster softplay area is also dedicated to children, while teenagers and adults can compete in the 9-hole Mystic Golf minigolf, located in a glow-in-the-dark tropical forest complete with tigers, toucans and illuminated tribal figurines, or in the laser tag arena Laser Rush, whose settings evoke a bioluminescent jungle.  

Alongside entertainment, catering also occupies a very important space at Tr88house, with 6 restaurants, each one with a different concept to…

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