Dinosaur passion

Dinosaur passion

28 October 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ One of the latest developments by SBF VISA Group: Le Ptéranodon, a specially-themed Swing Tower model, inaugurated this summer at an amusement park near Paris /

What do prehistoric times have to do with an SBF VISA Group Swing Tower family ride? Quite a bit at the Babyland-Amiland park. This amusement park, located not far from Paris and a fun destination for many families, in August inaugurated its new ride for 2022, called Le Ptéranodon, a majestic 35m high Swing Tower with a dinosaur theme. 

The total investment for Babyland-Amiland – a family-run park, thanks to the passion and sacrifices of Alexandra and Xavier Lapère, now also supported by their son Geoffrey as managing director – came to 1.2 million euros, marking a crucial turning point in the park’s 15-year history, being its very first themed attraction.

On approaching the ride, guests immediately enter an ‘other’ atmosphere, created by suggestive settings that progressively take them into the Palaeolithic era: a 15m long bridge, 8m high arches (apparently surviving from very distant times) surrounding the attraction, and a large ‘sign’ carved in stone that depicts dinosaur fossils found in the Gobi desert, all serving as a preamble to the ride’s storyline.

The latter unfolds in full in the pre-show: before boarding the ride, the passengers in fact pass through Professor W’s laboratory, full of vials, formulas and strange equipment. The scientist working intently on his experiments can also be seen on a monitor, amusing the riders in the queue with his bizarre ways.

And so, smiling and looking their surroundings, riders reach the ride, where they can discover the scientist’s latest experiment and enjoy an exhilarating experience suitable for everyone, even children taller than 105cm accompanied by a responsible person.

The attraction is a mix between viewing tower and swing ride: the 12 twin seats arranged in a radial pattern around the tower move up and down along the central column, reaching a height of up to 30m, while at the same time making a gentle rotational movement that nevertheless reaches a top speed of 30km/h. The riders experience many thrills: the sensation of flying, accentuated by sitting on very safe seats, but with their legs free to dangle in the void, and then there is an enviable 360 view from above the park with its other 33 attractions and vast green areas. The icing on the cake: the music that accompanies the ride…

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