Diving like a penguin

Diving like a penguin

24 March 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Emperor, California’s fastest, tallest and longest dive roller coaster opened on March 12 /

Emperor, one of the 9 most anticipated rollercoasters of 2022 by ‘USA Today’, opened at SeaWorld San Diego a few days ago. Joining other thrill rides at the park, this is the tallest, longest and fastest dive coaster in all of California and the only floorless dive coaster in the State.

Manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, it is named after the world’s largest penguin and it mimics this species’ amazing underwater diving ability. Climbing to 47m with feet dangling in the air, riders will be suspended on a 45-degree angle at the crown of the ride before plunging down a 44m facedown vertical drop, accelerating to more than 96.5kmph. Riders will also experience 3 inversions as they race along the 735m of track. 

Each of the floorless ride cars holds 18 riders in 3, six-person rows. This is the first seating configuration of its kind in North America. 

“Our fans are eager to ride Emperor and we’re grateful for their enthusiasm and excitement to jump on this adrenaline-pumping dive coaster. Due to the unprecedented challenges of the last 2 years, the opening was delayed, we know this has been disappointing and we’d like to thank our guests for their patience,” said John Dunlap, SeaWorld San Diego Park President. 

If you’re wondering why the coaster is…

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