Hangovers on display

Hangovers on display

19 October 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ People tend to forget what they did when they were drunk, but those ‘adventures’ are the theme of a very original interactive museum in Zagreb. An innovative concept that is leading to the creation of an international chain /

You party with friends, lift your elbow, and the next morning wake up with a headache, upset stomach, limp legs, a clouded memory, and the hope that you have done nothing you will be ashamed of all your life.

The Muzej Mamurluka-Museum of Hangovers in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is dedicated to such memorable alcoholic evenings: a place where stories and objects relating to drinking and hangovers from all around the world are on display.

The idea of this small yet one-of-a-kind museum, opened in 2019, came from a university student, Rino Duboković, who, after an evening at a beer festival and the story of a friend’s drunken misadventure, decided to create a place to bring together such objects and stories. The aim is to entertain, but also to educate, above all young people, about responsible and moderate alcohol consumption.

Given the type of audience, the presentation methods are fresh and fun. Interactivity is at the heart of this museum: visitors follow a path that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, where, for example, after putting on “beer goggles” to blur their vision, they try walking on a straight line, play darts or use a driving simulator, realising how dangerously difficult everything becomes. The dark side of alcohol is thus revealed through games and having fun, and visitors discover how reckless drinking until getting drunk affects their cognitive and motor skills, with at times considerable negative effects. 

There is also a space where guests can see some bizarre ‘relics’ of drunken nights. These can be provided by anyone who wants to tell their own story, indeed Muzej Mamurluka is always on the lookout for new material to add to its collection: simply get in touch with…

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Photos Courtesy: Museum of Hangovers

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