Let’s have fun together!

Let’s have fun together!

3 May 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Valo Motion from Finland has recently unveiled its new immersive, indoor mixed reality platform Valo Arena /

“Since founding our company Valo Motion in 2016, we have aimed to push the boundaries of what active entertainment could be. With our previous products, the Valo Climb augmented climbing wall and the Valo Jump digital trampoline game we have learned that playing together with a group of friends is the most fun and rewarding way to be active. The next logical step for us was to use the very latest technology and our body tracking algorithms to create a game platform that allows a bigger group to experience active games together and is highly profitable for operators.” This is how Raine Kajastila, CEO and founder of the Finnish mixed reality gaming company Valo Motion, introduces the company’s latest attraction: Valo Arena, a 6-player mixed reality indoor space that offers safe and social gaming experiences and doesn’t require any staff. 

Designed for activity parks, FECs and other indoor leisure and hospitality locations, Valo Arena stands out for requiring no attendant or wearables or wires or controllers for gameplay. Players simply step into the arena, choose between 3 different games and select also the skill level and mode. At that point, they can compete together in a physical and virtual space with spectators watching and cheering. 

On the screens that are located on both sides of the structure, the players can see a real time image of themselves inside a game world. The games are played by moving inside the area and interacting with the game. This is similar in many ways to what happens with Valo Jump, but with Valo Arena each game can have up to 6 players simulataneously. This is made possible by Valo Arena’s innovative motion tracking software that can expand the body tracking to 3D and is able to track more people and a larger area. 

“The world is opening up again after 2 years of forced isolation and social distancing,” said Raine Kajastila. “The pandemic has caused kids and teens to become less active at an alarming rate. We are hoping that the spirit of physical, social gaming that is at the core of Valo Arena will further motivate people to get active and find new joy in exercising.”

The first installation of Valo Arena opened at SuperPark in Vantaa, Finland last February.“Valo Motion is really pushing the limits. ValoArena is bringing a wow experience to our new and existing visitors. However the earlier games – ValoClimb and ValoJump – are still very much enjoyed by families, kids, and groups,” said Kirsi Ojakoski, country director at SuperPark Finland.

Games & Parks Industry April 2022, page 54

Photos Courtesy: Valo Motion

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