Musical hospitality

Musical hospitality

9 September 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A music-themed hotel in Madrid offers a fully immersive and melodic stay /

Quick: what’s the capital city of music? Chances are you didn’t think of Madrid as your first choice, but the Spanish capital city has a huge musical heritage and offers quite the variety of musical options and styles, from classical rock to pop and from flamenco to “movida madrileña” music and more. That’s why a few years ago the Barceló Hotel Group chose Madrid to open Barceló Imagine, the most musical hotel in the world.

Located in central Madrid, three minutes from Plaza de Castilla and from the Chamartín railway station, the hotel has a perfect balance of art, technology and music and was imagined as an homage to different music genres. Theme is present from the very hall, where guests will find an oversized synthesizer reminiscent of the iconic one that Tom Hanks played in “Big,” and it continues throughout all the hotel’s spaces and services.

The roof terrace, for instance, is another take on the song the hotel is named for, as it is dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Here the hotel organizes a Sunday brunch, or rather a “brunch session” where all menu items are connected to famous musicians: black tea as John Lennon used to drink, Bruce Springsteen’s favorite cheesecake, or an açai bowl that tastes like João Gilberto’s bossanova. Disco music enthusiasts should also check out the Studio 32 lobby bar.

The 156 rooms are also music-themed and dedicated to various genres and artists according to the floor they are on. Created by Olga López de Vera, they blend art and design in an environment decorated with guitars, pictures, vinyls and other references to artists that have been present in the soundtrack of many lives. There is, for example, a suite dedicated to John Lennon, another for the Beatles, one named for Freddie Mercury and another for Elvis Presley; but the musical fil rouge is also present…

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