POHAKU, the stone slide

POHAKU, the stone slide

29 August 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Acqua Village Water Parks Cecina boasts a new water slide with a Hawaiian theme, the same theme that runs as a common thread throughout the park /

Majestic, fun, and most of all unique. These are the 3 adjectives we would use to describe Pohaku, the new attraction added in 2022 in the Tuscan waterpark Acqua Village Water Parks Cecina. Pohakuu is only the latest development of a park that has consistently enhanced its lineup and its Hawaiian theme, season after season and especially in the last 5 to 6 years, to the point of being, today, one of the best water theme parks in Italy and in Europe.

To get to know Pohaku better, we spoke with Marcello Padroni, founder and owner of the Acqua Village group, which includes the park in Cecina and a second one, also in Tuscany, facing the Elba Island, called Acqua Village Water Parks Follonica.

Marcello, first of all: where does this name come from?

“Pohaku means ‘stone’ in Hawaiian, and as you can see our slide, with its dark gray and its shape, looks like it really is made of stone. It is a 6-lane slide, and its strong theming is what makes it special.”

Who created it?

“The concept was by our own Acqua Village Studio together with Ozlab Funfactory, whereas for its production we chose Polin Waterparks, a leader of the industry in Europe and the second manufacturer worldwide for this kind of attraction. We already had quite a close relationship with that company because they had worked on other major slides in our parks. The scenery, on the other hand, is the work of a sculptor, Raffaele Lattuada of Ral Arte, from the starting tower, looking like a Hawaiian hut, to the finish gate, in Tiki style.” 

When did Pohaku open to visitors?

“On June 20th, and the audience immediately loved it to bits. The response is such that we are even recording a growth in the number of visitors. As I always tell my colleagues and my employees, if you want a park to keep being attractive, and especially with a waterpark, you need to regularly add something new – and something original at that. That’s how you attract visitors, and also repeat business from people who have already visited.”

Why a multi-lane slide?

“This attraction is suitable for everyone, it’s extremely safe, and it’s fun. Moreover, having 6 lanes allows for a constant flow of people, without long queues either on the stairs or on the ground.”

What will 2023 bring to your park?

“We are currently in the planning phase for a few new, major investments for the Acqua Village group, with projects for both our parks, in Cecina and in Follonica. Let’s talk again next year and I will tell you everything about that.”

Photos Courtesy: TOGO Media

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