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/ The new Storm Coaster in Dubai /

Dubai is a city of world records, and since October it can boast of a new one: the Guinness World Records has awarded the Storm Coaster as the “world’s fastest vertical-launch roller coaster.”

Set in the Dubai Hills Mall, the Storm Coaster was manufactured by Intamin and it is exceptional under many points of view. One is its design: the roller coaster is integrated directly into the exoskeleton structure of the building, pushing the boundary of all aspects of engineering design. Wrapping its way throughout the entire building, the indoor coaster features a 697m-track, with a top speed of 77km/h, where riders will experience airtime, speed changes, a sharp drop and unexpected acceleration. Passengers will ride on three 12-seater, themed, state-of-the-art trains with ergonomically shaped seats and over-the-shoulder-lap-bar restraints, to ensure maximum freedom, comfort, and safety. The trains can also run simultaneously, providing an efficient guest experience and flow.

But the real record-breaker is the launch system. The Storm Coaster features the LSM system, which Intamin calls “the strongest launch system on the market.” More than that, for the first time here the magnetic LSM motors are used in a vertical launch, sending riders over 50m up into the building. The new Vertical LSM Launch, says Intamin, “guarantees an exhilarating sensation, leaving your riders breathless,” but most importantly it opens new creative…

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Photos Courtesy: Intamin

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