Social media marketing videos: the most powerful medium for your business

Social media marketing videos: the most powerful medium for your business

23 December 2022 Off By Oscar Giacomin

Until a few years ago, photos were the most effective media used to make an impact on social media and create interest. The evolution of algorithms and new trends have led many marketers to manage social media even more effectively with a new format of amazing performance: video, capable not only of improving engagement but also of increasing sales.

The demand for video content has had a sharp surge in recent years and it is estimated that it  will continue to growth, reaching 80% of total Internet traffic. Whether they are videos created for TikTok or YouTube, it’s important to offer content that introduces the company and builds user loyalty. For this reason, the social media manager cannot neglect the use of videos in a branded content strategy. 

Why Include Video in Social Media Strategy

Videos are the most popular medium today used to increase someone’s popularity, and for more than one good reason. They can teach, entertain, inspire confidence in a company or product, and convey values more effectively than any other format.

In particular:

  • Video increases brand awareness through branded content strategies. Posting a video means getting in direct contact with your audience, and since this format is highly visual, it makes it easier to be remembered. 
  • Video improves engagement: whether it’s likes, comments or shares, video can determine a 200% increase in the number of times a content is shared, compared to text-based content.
  • Video allows a company to expand its audience. This format is also ideal to reach Generation Y and Generation Z, which are known to prefer fast, direct, and emotional connections.
  • Video helps to generate leads and, consequently, facilitates customer acquisition. People who see a video of a product on social media are more likely to buy it, as data show an 81% increase in sales when using videos.
  • Integrating video campaigns into the social media strategy allows a company to have an extra tool to stand out from competitors, keep the social activity relevant and, in the long run, increase sales.

How to Incorporate Videos into Your Social Strategy

Carefully planning the video strategy along with managing social networks are essential to achieve the desired results. The best way to stand out is to post something fresh and engaging. The goal must always be to publish videos to entertain, educate and involve the audience by creating a message that is tailored to the different targets and the social platforms.

Creating videos for social media marketing is an art that requires creativity, strategic thinking and technical knowledge in order to achieve the desired results.  Without the necessary skills and a dedicated team, it is advisable to rely on established online platforms that have proved themselves to be effective and reliable. The other option is to hire talents from outside the company that are able to offer a professional service for the management of corporate social networks and their optimization, including content marketing strategies and, indeed, video creation.



Oscar Giacomin  / General Manager, Facto Edizioni

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