South Korea has got a brand-new mega-park

South Korea has got a brand-new mega-park

3 May 2022 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Lotte World Adventure theme park opened at the end of March /

Following a soft opening period from March 17-20, on March 31 the all-new Lotte World Adventure theme park in South Korea officially opened its gates.

Operating company Lotte World, which operates the Lotte World theme park in Seoul as well as other visitor destinations in the country such as the Seoul Sky, the Lotte Aquarium and the Lotte Waterpark, designed the park in collaboration with Hollywood-based entertainment design firm Legacy Entertainment. 

“For over 30 years, Lotte World has set the gold standard for family entertainment in South Korea,” said Yaeli Chung, Legacy’s Managing Director of Korea. “Our entire team feels very fortunate and humbled to help Lotte World write its next chapter in Busan.”

The 20-hectare park boasts 6 immersive themed zones: Tinker Falls, Rainbow Springs, Wonder Woods, Queen Lorry’s Royal Garden, Joyful Meadows, and Underland. Signature attractions include the Giant Digger launched coaster by Mack Rides, the Giant Splash Super Splash model by the same manufacturer, Giant Swing by Zamperla, and Ogre’s Flume by ABC Rides, as well as Korea’s first Roller Coaster Restaurant.

“Working closely with the team from Lotte World, we aimed to redefine what an Asian regional theme park can be,” adds Ms. Chung. “All across Asia, countless theme parks have popped up in recent years, each one more drab and forgettable than the last. This will not be the case at Lotte World Adventure. Instead, guests who attend Busan will find an emotionally warm and inviting garden park sporting a brilliant layout, a perfectly balanced attraction program, and unprecedented integration of attractions within their environments. Guests will never want to leave.”

Lotte World Adventure is the centerpiece of…

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Photos Courtesy: Lotte World Adventure Busan

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